Growth Through Awareness

Growth is measured by the
gentleness and awareness with which
we once again pick ourselves up…
The openness with which we take the next unknown step
into the remarkable mystery of being.
— Stephen Levine

Are you struggling with a personal issue for which you desire positive change, but are uncertain about how to achieve it?

Do you find that repetitive patterns are interfering with your personal fulfillment and goals?

Are you overwhelmed trying to research and identify someone who can effectively assist you? It takes courage to reach out for help.
A key ingredient in establishing an effective and meaningful relationship with a therapist/counsellor requires your confidence in their skills and abilities.

A component of personal growth is becoming more fully aware of your desires and impediments. Sometimes you don’t realize the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release. In a therapeutic partnership, Eileen would support you in developing awarenesses and insights, empowering you to achieve desired change and growth.

Eileen facilitates clients in:

  • Transforming the emotional impact of life transitions, bereavement, illness, injury, and other losses;
  • Enhancing personal and other relationships (eg. family, employment).

Clients are individuals, couples and families from diverse referral sources including self-referral, physicians, insurance, employers and others.